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The US Department of Energy is providing a major share of the funding for the Offshore Wind Hub through its support of regional resource centers for wind energy.

Phase I Offshore WindHub

The Offshore Wind Hub currently focuses on the Atlantic Coast, but other regions will be added over time.

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Federal Resources

Federal agencies play multiple roles in siting, leasing, and permitting; technology research and development; and, financing and infrastructure development.

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Multi-State Resources

Many activities to prepare for and develop offshore wind involve more than one state.

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The Offshore Wind Hub

The Offshore Wind Hub seeks to collect all major reports, laws, environmental assessments, and other documents related to offshore wind policy, technology, economics, and siting in the Atlantic Coast states. The site offers open access to hundreds of documents. You can search for documents by state, topic, or key words. While the listings are updated regularly for the individual states, the listings for the federal government are not necessarily complete or up to date.

The Offshore Wind Hub is a project of the Northeast Wind Resource Center. It is managed by Clean Energy Group and the Maine Ocean & Wind Industry Initiative. The US Department of Energy and the John Merck Fund provide partial funding for the Offshore Wind Hub. The US Offshore Wind Collaborative created the Offshore Wind Hub in 2012.  For more information about the Offshore Wind Hub, click here.

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