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Parties in the State of Maine have been actively pursuing floating offshore wind since the pass of the Ocean Energy Legislation in 2009. Because of the depth of the waters in the Gulf of Maine floating wind technology appears to be most applicable. A number of projects have been considered in the state. At one time there were 2 demonstration projects proposed in state and being considered By the US Dept. of Energy for funding, one by Statoil and another by Maine Aqua Ventus. In 2013 Statoil terminated their project. In 2014 the DOE provided additional research and engineering funding to Aqua Ventus for further design development. At this time, there are no current offshore wind activities.

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State Resources

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Maine Senator Submits Legislation Prohibiting Placement of Wind Energy Test Area Senator Dana Dow Feb 7 2017
S.P. 546: Resolve, Reauthorizing the Balance of the 2009 Bond Issue for an Offshore Wind Energy Demonstration Project Presented by Senator HAMPER of Oxford Jun 15 2015
H.P. 904: An Act To Maximize the Benefits of Renewable Energy in Maine Presented by Representative O'CONNOR of Berwick Apr 14 2015
S.P. 110: An Act To Promote Tidal Energy Projects Presented by Senator BURNS of Washington Feb 10 2015
Maine Comprehensive Energy Plan Update State of Maine Feb 1 2015
Economic Evaluation of Aqua Ventus Maine Public Utilities Commission Sep 10 2014
Aqua Ventus Project Overview University of Maine Jun 18 2014
Fifth Biennial Report on Progress toward Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goals Maine Legislature Jan 1 2014
Maine Aqua Ventus Bid Proposal to Maine PUC Preti Flaherty Dec 4 2013
Statoil Patent Waiver US Department of Energy Nov 25 2013
Maine Aqua Ventus Proposal Aqua Ventus Aug 30 2013
Economic Development with Offshore Wind Power Act Maine State Legislature Jun 28 2013
Photo Presentation of the VolturnUS 1:8 University of Maine Jun 13 2013
Statoil Puts Hywind Project on Hold Statoil Jun 3 2013
Recommendations for a Coordinated Aggregated Power Procurement Mechanism for Offshore Wind Projects in New England New England Clean Energy Council Jun 1 2013
UMaine Unveils LIDAR system University of Maine May 24 2013
Order Approving Hywind Term Sheet Maine PUC Feb 26 2013
Offshore Wind Energy Project Roadmap 2013 Maine Composites Alliance, Maine Wind Industry Initiative, and Environmental and Energy Technology Council of Maine Jan 1 2013
Maine Offshore Permitting Road Map Maine Composites Alliance, Maine Wind Industry Initiative, E2 Tech Jan 1 2013
Supplemental Statoil Comments to PUC Term Sheet [Docket No. 2010-235] Statoil North America Sep 17 2012
Economic Impact of a Commercial-Scale Offshore Wind Power Facility in Maine [Docket No. 2010-235] Statoil North America Sep 17 2012
Long-Term Contracting for Offshore Wind Energy and Tidal Projects [Docket No. 2010-235] Industrial Energy Consumer Group (IECG) Sep 7 2012
Statoil Redacted Comments to PUC Term Sheet [Docket No. 2010-235] Statoil North America Aug 29 2012
Long-Term Contracting for Offshore Wind Energy and Tidal Projects- Request for Comments on Non-Confidential Term Sheet [Docket No. 2010-235] Maine Public Utilities Commission (PUC) Aug 29 2012
Statoil Proposed Term Sheet (Redacted) Statoil North America Aug 15 2012
Offshore Maine- Notice of Intent (NOI) to Prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) [Docket No. BOEM-2012-0049] US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) Aug 10 2012
Offshore Maine- Request for Interest (RFI) and Request for Public Comment [Docket No. BOEM-2012-0003] US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) Aug 10 2012
A Resolution Directing the New England State Committee on Electricity (NESCOE) to Implement a Work Plan for the Competitive Coordinated Procurement of Regional Renewable Power New England Governors' Conference (NEGC) Jul 30 2012
Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) Maine Renewable Energy Task Force Teleconference US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) May 23 2012
Review of Terms and Conditions for Long-Term Contracts for Renewable Ocean Energy Governor's Office of Energy Independence and Security (OEIS) Apr 12 2012